Meet Your Coach...

Meet Your Coach...

Lois Lynn, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Medicine
If you have tried to improve your chronic health issues but find it frustrating at best, Lois can help you sort out fact from fiction.  She uses her acute attention to detail to read the medical research and and cut through the noise of misinformation and short term successes to find the best possible meal pattern to promote long term health.  Whole-plant foods are the clear winning foundation to reduce or get diabetes into remission, get hypertension into remission, and by attaining and maintaining a healthy weight, that promotes a reduced risk of heart disease toward achieving optimal health. 

My Philosophy 

Meal times are meant to nourish our body, mind and spirit.

Being choosey about our foods can be the difference between health and harm.

Food is the number one factor that promotes chronic disease today, like type 2 diabetes, and for this kind of lifestyle-borne disease, a lifestyle of healthy food choices is the most effective solution.

Instead of ever escalating dosages of medication for diabetes, imagine reducing the dosage and in some instances eliminating it.

The faster, cheaper and more effective long-term solution is a lifestyle of healthy recipe choices that addresses the root cause of the situation and prevents, treats, and may reverse diabetes. 

Medication targets just the smoke; but we need to target the fire, by extinguishing the inflammation fire, a diabetes remission lifestyle does that!

Take agency of your health with...

Lifestyle changes that are cost effective, and a low-risk choice to treat numerous chronic illnesses simultaneously [1, 2].

The #1 reason those in midlife and beyond fail to see this point is because they see that their blood sugar or blood pressure can be controlled with medication and fail to upgrade their food habits. Just because a lab value is normal does not mean that the reason the disease happened is resolved, it just means that that one lab value is 'normal'.  Well, what about all the other lab values, how are they doing?

Continuing to take medication for a chronic disease for the long term can come with negative side effects, while a lifestyle of healthy food choices has only positive side effects.  You won't realize how bad you actually feel, until you feel how good you can feel.

Intellectually you may know that you need to improve your food choices, but practically, you need a role model to show you that better way to create a lifestyle of healthy food choices.

Our food choices are the number one factor in our control that can prevent unnecessary suffering from progressing chronic diseases. Sometimes medications are used as a crutch when a health situation can be better treated with improved food choices. Lois can help you get back to the youth and vitality that you remember so well and are seeking to regain.

More About Lois

As a student of nutrition, Lois learned about this early on as she was inspired by the health exuded by Seventh Day Adventists in their published nutrition research papers and she began living a vegetarian lifestyle. More recently, her personal midlife weight gain of 40 pounds was readily lost after being reintroduced to plant-based eating. Her food-first nutrition approach is well rounded from a tremendous amount of studying and decades of experience on this topic. Now, the older Lois gets, the younger she feels.  This approach to her newly gained vitality was shared in her 2018 book is called “Cooking with Whole Plant Foods, a Meal-plan and 100 Recipes”.

Lois is a registered and certified dietitian, biostatistician, and certified lifestyle medicine professional. Her food and nutrition skills are applied as a clinician, medical researcher, author, public speaker, and culinary educator.  Lois’s current passion is to improve people's health and vitality with the benefits of healthy whole-food plant-based recipes. Lois is a native New Yorker and considers the city parks her backyard for regular walks with nature.


[1] Michelle McMacken and Sapana Shah, A plant-based diet for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes. J Geriatr Cardiol, 2017 May; 14(5): 342-354.

[2] Monica Dinu, Rosanna Abbate, Gian Franco Gensini, Alessandro Casini, and Francisco Sofi, Vegetarian, vegan diets and multiple health outcomes: A systematic review with meta-analysis of observational studies, Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr, 2017 Nov 22; 57(17): 3640-3649.

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