SMART Nutrition Program

SMART Nutrition Program, Lois Lynn, Dietitian and Lifestyle Medicine

  The SMART Nutrition Program is where...

 Healthy Eating becomes a Lifestyle, It's not a Diet!


it can ease your blood sugar concerns

through healthy eating without feeling deprived


If your health condition is stable, yet of concern, consider trying a lifestyle approach for health improvement that is promoted by leading national and international organizations as the first approach to treatment before considering medication.
It is well known yet requires attention, for "as diet quality improves, health and wellness improve [1]."
Diabetes, a high body weight, and hypertension often occur at the same time, and can potentially improve at the same time with lifestyle improvements.

 Imagine making lifestyle changes that help reduce the risk of serious complications from both diabetes and hypertension, with result seen in as little as a few weeks and continuing for years.

Imagine understanding the why with clear guidelines about what to eat for a healthy body weight, and
Imagine breathing easier with your own written plan of action to stay on track.
Aiming for lifestyle changes as primary prevention has been estimated to save upwards of 70% to 80% of health care costs because 75% of health care spending in the US goes to treat people with chronic conditions [2].   

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  What people are saying...

Cecelia Wallace
"Thank you so much for your help with my lifestyle change.  Your patience, encouragement and guidance aided my progress while in the midst of faltering steps. Lois was always one step ahead of me and took the time to not only discuss my victories but my challenges too.  I especially liked that she started and ended our sessions on time and shared how to use my cultural food in an expanded way.  In following Lois’s advice I feel more energetic."
Natalie Gonzalez
Program Coordinator, SAGE Center Brooklyn at Stonewall House
"It was truly great to have you! The feedback we received from the participants have been so great. Thank you so much for everything. If you ever are interested in coming back to do similar workshops please do let me know as we would love to have you again!"

If you're struggling to 'manage' your diabetes and still want to add life to your years, 

then learn to Practice Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Cook with healthy whole plant-food recipes to build this foundation of health habit!

This is the starting point for any health conscious eater.

Next is to include your personal food preferences and adapt them for the healthiest food choices possible.


 To turn the situation around, you've also got to be an educated consumer of foods that will love you back.

 That's why I am thrilled to invite you to sign-up for the SMART Nutrition Program!


Create Your Very Own 'Healthy Habit Stack'

 master your inner critic, and your outer voice through...

education and weekly coaching calls that cover... 

  the healthy habit stack: identity shift, meal planning, cycles of change, for healthy habits

The Healthy Habit Stacker Framework has three main actions that people work through to create a new eating habit. 

 Navigating the interconnected circles is the path to achieving those desired healthy habits

There are lessons and worksheets to guide you through the process.


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Grace Pemberton
"Lois is wonderful at what she does.  She is knowledgeable and dedicated to helping others achieve their goals.  I appreciated her helping me take a closer look at what I was putting into my body.  Because of her I am eating healthier and feeling stronger.  I’m proud to say that I have lost some inches around my waist. I’m eating more fruits, such as pineapple, green apples, red grapes, leafy greens, lots of sweet peppers and a lot less of sugary products."
Audrey Burton-Bethke
HealthTree Myeloma Community Director
"Working with Lois was easy and worthwhile. She communicated effectively, and the presentation was exactly as expected. The audience was excited about the content and came away with action steps for improving their nutrition."

Imagine a life where most doctors visits are annual wellness visit checkups.  How would that feel?

That's why I am excited to introduce...


Create Your 'Healthy Habit Stack' with

The SMART Nutrition Program


You will experience...

An assessment of your changing identity and their associated action shifts, over time.

Options that support your cultural food preferences so that that identity can remain intact.

Learn the science behind the food recommendations so that you know the importance of a switch.


You'll get colorful examples of healthy food swaps and recipes to see the healthy choices.

Gain clarity around the dark side of the food industry to steer clear of.

Navigate social and non-food considerations to round out your perspective on health.


This unique program includes ...

Weekly zoom sessions for accountability and support that is so helpful with habit change,

Email support via a private client portal so that you can get your lingering questions answered,

Educational materials, and worksheets to inspire your thinking and actions, and

BONUS: exclusive healthy recipe library access to take the guess work out of what to eat.


The SMART Nutrition Program

Here's just a taste of what you'll experience when you enroll:


notebook and pen

Module 1. Your Starting Point

Get clear about your current situation and your desired health transformation.

During this module, you'll discover:

  • your motivations for taking on this opportunity.
  • get a quick snapshot of your identity shifts over time.
  • take a few body measurements to get a body weight assessment.
  • complete a 24-hour food diary
  • And more.

body weight scaleModule 2. Foundations

Look at your usual food preferences in a fun way and review the healthy habit stack framework.

During this module, you'll discover:

  • your food foraging personality type.
  • identify your favorite cultural foods and begin to identify healthy versions.
  • review the healthy habit stack framework for a big picture view of the habit creation process.
  • choose three food habits that you want to focus on during our time together.
  • And more.

Module 3. Let's Get Cookingwoman reading a recipe and stirring a cooking pot

Learn the nutrition basics with practical steps to make SMART improvements to your food choices.

During this module, you'll learn:

  • Our food lifestyle document shows the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods.
  • the healthy plate and food groups are explained in great detail.
  • the kitchen organization to get started with plant based meals is explained.
  • healthy cooking time saving tips for the busy person will show you what's possible.
  • And more.

four cups of steaming hot coffee


Module 4. Appetite Stimulants

Learn about how to navigate the prepared foods we find in grocery stores.

During this module, you'll learn:

  • about healthy food swaps to keep you inspired.
  • appetite stimulants and their effects on the body. 
  • use the food habit tracker to keep track of your progress on your goals.
  • And more.


Module 5. Cycles of Changea round ferris wheel with colorful seats

Recognize that progress is a cyclical process of moving in the direction of health.

During this module, you'll identify:

  • how your doing with your SMART food swap goals.
  • de-stressing actions are suggested to keep you in balance.
  • autumn harvest recipes are shared to provide a few meal planning ideas.
  • And more. 


a doctor with a stethoscope and a note pad


Module 6. Non-food Consideration

Several non-food aspects and markers of health and longevity.

During this module, you'll learn:

  • About food supplements to fill in nutrient gaps, if needed.
  • To assess the urine and stool output for signs of health.
  • get a few non-vegan recipes ideas.
  • And a whole lot more. 


  gold gift box with a big red ribbon   Bonus: Recipe library of predominantly whole-plant food recipes.

Celebrate Successesyou are a winner banner with three people in their power pose

Graph weight, blood sugar and/or blood pressure changes, share hard won firsts, describe your hero's / shero's journey.

  • Graph of your body weight, and blood sugar changes over time.
  • Describe one of your hard won firsts that you had to get into motion.
  • Tell your hero's / shero's journey, look back at how far you have come, describe the new you.



How much is it worth to you?

A $9,469 savings in medical expenses each year that you are diabetes free.

A $2,000 savings in medical expenses each year that you are hypertension free.

A $22,404 savings in medical expenses for the heart attack that did not happen.

It's a total of $33,873 in medical expenses saved every year!


Save yourself the potential medical expenses, the time, stress, and

aggravation associated with these health conditions. 


 Create Your 'Healthy Habit Stack' with the SMART Nutrition Program

It will guide you to reclaim your health by reclaiming their kitchen

It will show you how to make the healthy choice the easy choice

It is a well rounded perspective that addresses more than just food  


Following a healthy lifestyle program can reduce the number of medications or dosages

required to reach and maintain your health goals.  It may be possible to slowly taper down

the dosage - but do this only under your health care team's guidance [3].


Want to sign-up for this self-study Program?


If this program is right for you, you will learn to choose foods to bring you into your later years with

health and wellness.

Still have questions?  Jot me a message about your health goals...

Take steps to reduce your risk of life-threatening illness... 

photograph of Lois Lynn 

Lois Lynn, is a Registered and Certified Dietitian and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional who has a over 30 years of experience cooking healthy recipes that promote a healthy body weight, attaining reduced blood sugar or remission of diabetes and other chronic health concerns.

My mission is to help you to restore your health!

If you are interested to explore the opportunity to be coached by Lois Lynn, RD

complete the Contact Form with a brief message about your health goals.

Sophie Lechner
"Lois has amazing wisdom to share! I've changed my eating habits ,as a result of her workshop!!"
Lou Tasitano
"After 10 weeks it is so much easier to tie my shoes, bend down easier, and my shirts are sagging. Got nothin’ to wear. Gotta go shopping. I’m pleasantly surprised at some of the tasty meals that can be prepared with whole plant-foods.  For example, the meatless meatloaf, cheese-less cheeses, and eggplant parmesan without the parmesan. My health factors have improved. For example, my doctor told me to stop taking two less medications, which saves lots of money.  I’ll continue to eat this way because I want to get to my ‘fighting weight’."


[1] Scientific Report of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

[2]  National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (U.S.), The Power of Prevention, 2009

[3] Gary L Schwartz, Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure: Your Personal Guide to Managing Hypertension. 2023. Mayo Clinic Press.